Why Use Cremation When You Can Use Aquamation?

Aquamation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a water-based, sustainable method of aftercare. It is sometimes called water cremation. Aquamation has no direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gases or mercury and requires no burning of fossil fuels.

The process combines a gentle water flow, even temperature, and alkalinity used to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials. Aquamation is the same process that occurs in nature when a loved one's body is laid to rest in the ground, although at an accelerated rate.

How Long Does Aquamation Take?

The aquamation process takes about or 18-20 hours. Once the aquamation is complete, all inorganic material within the tank is reduced to peptides, sugars and amino acids. There will be no DNA or RNA or Pathogens. Just like fire cremation, only the inorganic bone minerals will remain. These remains and minerals are reduced into ashes and returned to the family. Since the process is so gentle on the animal about 20% more ashes will be produced compared to flame cremation.

What to do if my pet passes overnight, or I need more time?

If your pet should pass overnight, or you want to spend additional time with your pet, please note that his or her body will be OK for about 24 hours/overnight. If possible, please keep your pet indoors, on an old towel or his/her bed with a small bag of ice. Please note that your pet may have a small accident when you move him/her, and this is normal. You can call us in the morning, or when you are ready, to arrange to bring your pet to us.

Is Aquamation Good for the Environment?

Aquamation is an eco-friendly option and uses 1/10 the carbon footprint and uses 85% less energy than fire cremation. There are no toxic emissions or greenhouse gasses. The ashes you will receive are 100% pathogen free. Aquamation destroys all pathogens. The alkalis only make up 5% of the solution. The remaining 95% is simply water. At the end of the 20-hour cycle, the alkali has been used up. The remaining water is not only gentle, but beneficial. It can be used as a rich, organic fertilizer.

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